Consulting and Launch Integration Services

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Mission/Spacecraft Development & Analysis

Mission/Spacecraft Development & Analysis

The Tyvak team provides complete solutions for your nanosatellite mission. From providing mission compatibility and feasibility studies to offering mission design and analysis, as well as systems engineering support and requirements development, you can count on us to ensure your spacecraft is ready for flight.


Launch Services

We’ve successfully launched more than 100 spacecraft in partnership with launch providers around the world. Past customers include NASA, the U.S. Department of Defense and the European Space Agency. Our complete launch support services include:

  • Launch coordination, licensing and documentation
  • Integration and testing support
  • Nanosatellite deployment systems
  • Launch vehicle payload accommodations
  • Interface control documentation and verification
Ground Operations

Ground Operations

Tyvak’s ground support service partners provide critical ground station and Earth observation for polar orbiting satellites. Multiple polar and mid-latitude stations provide fast, cost-efficient access to satellite data in a manner that is currently unmatched in the industry.

Launch Services

Launch Integration

Tyvak will determine U.S. and international launch opportunities that best meet your mission requirements and ensure flexible launch manifesting. Our team is well versed in ITAR regulations and will also ensure you are 100% compliant prior to your mission. From start to finish, the Terran Orbital team will ensure your payload is safely integrated into the launch vehicle and ready for a successful mission.


Launch & Satellite Insurance

In addition to our full range of products and services, we at Tyvak also offer launch and satellite insurance to provide critical coverage for your small satellite program.

Launch Insurance

Launch insurance is provided on major U.S. and international launch vehicles.

  • Competitive rates and favorable payment terms
  • Simple process and contract
  • Any satellite can be insured
  • Can cover the full cost of the launch, typically the largest single expense in a small satellite budget


Satellite Insurance

In the event that a satellite is lost in a launch failure, our satellite replacement insurance provides your business peace of mind.

  • Competitive rates and favorable terms
  • Simple process and contract
  • Comprehensive package for reducing financial risk and providing piece of mind
  • Can cover the full cost of replacing the satellite, including COTS subsystems

Professional Training

Tyvak also provides custom curriculum for clients, as needed.

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