WORLD-TERRANTYVAK a Terran Orbital Company Signs Contract to Build First Tech Demo CICERO Satellite.

Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems, Inc. (Tyvak), a Terran Orbital Company, signed a contract with GeoOptics to build the first tech demo CICERO (Community Initiative for Continuous Earth Remote Observation) satellite.  Spacecraft development is underway and will be ready to launch within a few months of the contract start date.

Tyvak will utilize its core 6U Endeavor platform to provide the proper technical performance and mission assurance traits necessary for GeoOptics to carry forward its business plan of delivering data to scientists and decision-makers around the world from sensors deployed on a constellation of small satellites in low Earth orbit.  GeoOptics’ quest to revolutionize data availability for earth science will finally move forward with this partnership.

“After exhaustive market research, Tyvak stood out as the company with the best technology and mentality to partner with. We couldn’t find anyone else with a comparable integrated approach well catered toward high performance and high reliability missions,” Dr. Thomas Yunck, Founder and CTO of GeoOptics stated.

President and COO of Tyvak, Dr. Marco Villa expresses his gratitude to Thomas Yunk and the GeoOptic Board of Directors for their trust in Tyvak, “This is a perfect example of the unmatched ability of our company to add value to other enterprises.  We cherish the strategic partnership toward this socially important matter and value the unquestionable experience of Tom and his science team.”

The overall mission architecture, spacecraft design and development, payload integration, operations and data communication will be Tyvak’s responsibility.


About Tyvak:

Tyvak Nano-Satellite Systems Inc. provides turnkey solutions for SmallSat customers, from innovations to operations, making space research and utilization more accessible today than it has ever been. Tyvak can handle all your satellite needs from design and build, to test, launch and operations. With decades of experience in all sectors of the industry, the Tyvak team is unmatched in the small satellite industry. Engineers work with clients to shrink payload specifications, enabling more cost-effective development and transport to orbit. Tyvak systems are adaptable, have low power consumption and are easily customizable to support multiple applications.

About GeoOptics:

Founded by working scientists, engineers and data users in response to the increasingly urgent need for actionable information about the state of our planet, GeoOptics is an environmental data company that delivers a wealth of information about our changing planet to public and private users worldwide.  Key applications include operational daily weather forecasting and long-term environmental monitoring and research.