Satellite Mission Assurance

At Tyvak, we foster a culture of mission success by managing risk through production quality management, analysis, test, and data correlation to anchor engineering models. Tyvak’s on-site manufacturing and testing capabilities allow complete chain of custody control for research and development through high volume production.


State-of-the-Art Facilities

  • Over half of Tyvak’s 40,000-square-foot headquarter facility in Irvine, California is dedicated lab space, housing advanced equipment to support the development and manufacture of new space systems.
  • Tyvak has over 24,000 square-feet of clean room space across its three facilities in Irvine, California; Santa Maria, California; and Torino, Italy.

Incoming Inspection

Quality control of Tyvak’s approved vendors includes detailed inspection, and acceptance testing of incoming parts. In-house inspection and test capabilities include:

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • PCB X-Ray Inspection System
  • HASS / HALT Testing

Integrated System Testing

To ensure operation in the space environment, in-house environmental test capabilities verify system level performance without requiring the satellite to travel off-site – reducing handling and schedule risk. Capabilities include:

  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers
  • Vibration Tables
  • EMI Chambers
  • Thermal Ambient Chambers


Tyvak emphasizes the importance of risk reduction through structural and thermal analysis. Ease of on-site testing allows for correlation of models with test data to anchor engineering design decisions and improve on-orbit performance predictions. Correlation with on-orbit performance closes the loop, and enables rapid implementation of experience gained on orbit.

Machine Shop

When precision matters, work with the best. Tyvak’s machine shop in Santa Maria, CA produces tight tolerance aerospace parts with uncompromising quality. Managing our own machine shop allows for process optimization, design for manufacture feedback early in the design phase, and quick turn flexibility on high priority efforts.

Assembly, Integration and Test

Efficient use of modern tools for issue tracking, inventory management, procedure execution, and test automation allow for complete trace-ability, transparency, and comprehensive test coverage at both the sub-system and integrated system level. Reducing schedule and cost doesn’t mean cutting corners, it means optimizing the process to improve both quality, and quantity through continuous improvement.


Historically, an organization working with a SmallSat manufacturer couldn’t purchase affordable mission insurance as part of their systems and services package. We have changed that. Tyvak’s parent company, Terran Orbital, is the only company of its kind to offer specialized launch insurance designed to minimize the risk from spacecraft delivery through commissioning and early operations since 2017. With a focus on operationally meaningful systems and solutions, we want to assure a proper risk offset until valuable mission data is available to our customers.