MISSION: On-orbit technology demonstration mission, marking the inaugural flight of Tyvak’s next-generation spacecraft systems and achieving Technology Readiness Level 9 (TRL9).
PAYLOAD: Tyvak-0129 successfully demonstrated Tyvak’s next-generation avionics system. Consisting of 32 spacecraft subsystems, the technologies include communications, control, power, and computer processing systems.


MISSION: Self-funded nanosatellite (3U) technology demonstration of Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (RPO) capability. Follow-on nanosatellite and microsatellite missions already manifested.
PAYLOAD: Sensor and propulsion on-board to perform various maneuvers to demonstrate basic capabilities for robotic on-orbit assembly, manipulation and other close proximity operations with resident space objects.


MISSION: The Community Initiative for Continuous Earth Monitoring (CICERO) is a constellation of 6U nanosatellites used to collect climate and weather data for commercial companies and governments that currently operates in low earth orbit. Constellation achieves 1200 daily radio occultations.
PAYLOAD: Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Radio Occultation (RO), which is a miniaturized version of the NASA/JPL developed “TriG” payload, named Cion.

Photos courtesy of Rocket Lab and GeoOptics


MISSION: Nanosatellite (3U) Space Situational Awareness (SSA) capability. Launched in 2018 on an Indian PSLV launch vehicle, demonstrated both in-space imaging and Earth imaging in the visible spectrum. Follow-on 6U missions planned for flight in 2019 and larger variants to follow.
PAYLOAD: An optical telescope that is highly compact and extremely robust against vibration loads and temperature swings. It can be used for remote sensing and monitoring of space objects, including space debris.


MISSION: First radar instrument on a 6U nanosatellite with JPL to aid tropical weather prediction. Launched in July 2018. Mission is ongoing.
PAYLOAD: A Ka-Band precipitation profiling radar operating at 35.75 GHz, using a 0.5 m deployable antenna with a vertical resolution of less than 250 m, and a horizontal resolution 10 km or better. Precipitation profiling radar measurements improves climate and weather models.

Photos courtesy of JPL


MISSION: A series of 6U nanosatellite missions using the Trestles platform to manifest multiple payloads for technology demonstration.
PAYLOAD: The first Pathfinder mission is a self-funded, risk reduction mission flying two commercial payloads. Planned future missions are demonstrating new propulsion systems, novel stabilization technologies, and laser communications. Using a standardized spacecraft platform allows for the rapid technology advancement to Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 for costs less than some ground test campaigns.


MISSION: Advanced infrared imaging of the Lunar surface while on a Moon flyby trajectory. Planned launch as a part of the Orion Exploration Mission-1. Internally funded by Lockheed Martin.
PAYLOAD: LunIR will demonstrate a low-power, Mid-Wave Infrared Sensor with a micro-cryocooler and a high temperature 1 Megapixel focal plane that utilizes extensive 3D printed components.


MISSION: Optical Earth imaging that provides commercial and government intelligence.
PAYLOAD: 35cm telescope capable of full color imaging and video at a GSD (@ 500 km) of 71 cm and SNR greater than 200:1

Photo courtesy of and developed with ImageSat Interntional


MISSION: Rendezvous, proximity, and docking operations between two 3U nanosatellites. This demonstrates capabilities for orbital maneuvering and servicing, resupply missions and orbital debris disposal.
PAYLOAD: Sensor and propulsion on-board to perform maneuvers as well as a novel docking system. Demonstrates autonomous operations capability using novel on-board flight computers and software.


MISSION: Tactical, agile Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) microsatellite.
PAYLOAD: Large swath C-Band or High-Power spot & Strip X-Band system.